The Manchester Airport Pet Import Centre


Certain breeds of dogs are prohibited from entering the UK. For more information please contact DEFRA

Prohibited dogs could include the following (but this is not an exhaustive list)

Japanese Tosa type

Pit Bull Terrier type

Dogo Argentino type

Fila Braziliero type

Other dog types, particularly snub-nosed breeds my be prohibited by certain airlines. This is because they can experience respiratory problems in flight. Please check with your airline.

Savannah cats are not eligible to enter the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme. They are listed under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 and require a licence to enter the UK. They must also undertake 6 months quarantine on arrival.
Bengal cats of F5 status and beyond (i.e. F6, F7 etc) are permitted to enter the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme. We are advising owners that anyone bringing a Bengal cat into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme should ensure that their animal complies with the rules of the Scheme and that it is accompanied by a certified pedigree certificate, e.g. one issued by The International Cat Association (TICA), showing the animal’s parentage