The Manchester Airport Pet Import Centre



Frequently Asked Questions

I want to EXPORT my cat/dog from Manchester. Can Pets On Jets help?
Unfortunately Pets On Jets deals only with IMPORTED cats, dogs and ferrets. However in our Links section there are some useful contacts that may be able to help you.

Can my pet travel in the aircraft cabin?

No. Some airlines accept assistance dogs in the cabin.

My dog/cat has a non-ISO standard chip, can we use this scheme?
Pets on Jets has chip readers that can detect Avid and Home Again chips as well as ISO ones. If you have another kind of chip than these three you will need to provide your own scanner so that we can read the chip on arrival.

What happens if my pet fails its PETS check?
The animal will be taken to an authorised quarantine kennel at the owner's expense until the matter can be resolved. Quarantine boarding can be very expensive so please ensure all documentation is 100% correct before sending your pet.

How can I avoid some of the more common errors?
Always check your pets' certificates or passport BEFORE leaving the vet's premises. Pay particular attention to all the dates, the valid from and to, and also the blood test dates. Microchip numbers are long and must be written EXACTLY as they are read by our chip reading equipment. Complete one of our checklists before you send your pet. These checklists are the same as we use on arrival. They are available here

Can I fly my pet on an approved airline/route into Heathrow or Gatwick and then up to Manchester under the PETS scheme?
No. The pet would need to be consigned to London and checked there. Only when the checks have been completed could the animal then be re-shipped to Manchester on a new air waybill. This is not usually a practical proposition.

I won't be able to fit my dog's box into my car when I pick up in Manchester. What can I do?
We can dispose of your box for which there us a charge of 5. Alternatively we can store it for up to one week free of charge but would need a 5 returnable deposit

I have been offered a puppy from an internet site and been told it won't require quarantine in the UK. Is this true?
Beware! Puppies are subject to these regulations too. There is also a strong likelyhood that the puppies do not exist and it as a scam. There are hundreds of recorded instances of people ordering hard to get hold of puppies (and exotic birds, monkeys etc). Although the scams originate in such places as Nigeria and Cameroun, the scammer may say the animal is elswhere in the UK or Ireland. They then require cash to be sent by Western Union (untraceable) or similar. If in doubt please email me as there are checks you can make to ensure you don't become another victim. See the following websites for lots of useful advice :-