The Manchester Airport Pet Import Centre


On arrival at Manchester Airport, after collecting 
your baggage, you will need to make your way 
to the Pets On Jets facility (see How To Find Us
to collect your pet.(There is an exception for PETS arriving on Continental Airlines. Click here for more details)

The transfer from aircraft to 
Pets On Jets, compliance checks and other formalities should normally take no more than one hour (longer on Continental Airlines) and 
then you will be free to take your pet home.

Please note that prompt clearance depends on all required paperwork being available and attached to the box. For pets arriving from outside the EU customs clearance will be required. Pets On Jets has arrangements with most airlines to perform customs clearance on their behalf.

Continental Airlines have made other arrangements to clear customs for you. In either case you will be required to complete an import declaration. For further 
information on customs clearance see
Airlines and Routes.