The Manchester Airport Pet Import Centre

Assistance Dogs

International arrivals are cleared by

to Manchester from.....


AGP Malaga ACE Arrecife
ALC Alicante FUE Fuerteventura
LEI Almeria LPA Las Palmas
PMI Palma TFS TenerifeSouth
FAO Faro TCI TenerifeNorth
PFO Paphos XX XX
LCA Larnaca XX XX
MLA Malta    
NB. Above is only a selection of Thomsonfly routes available. For a full list of their seasonal routes please contact the airline direct or Pets on Jets

Please note that assistance dogs travel in the aircraft cabin and have their PETS checks and customs clearance (if required) performed on board the aircraft or in the passenger terminal on arrival in Manchester.
In all other respects the checks completed are identical to, and as stringent as those applied to  non-assistance dogs.